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Module One: Tutorial Five

How to Find a Job that is 
Connected to Skills and Education

Students will search for live, in-demand jobs that relate to skills 
and education program and career pathway options.

Find In-Demand Jobs, Internships & Apprenticeships


Step One

GoEducate's Opportunity Marketplace offers students and job seekers a full-scale local, regional and national job board to search for job opportunities including full time, internships and apprenticeships.

To start exploring jobs in your area and that are related to an industry, career or program of interest, navigate to the "Jobs & Opportunities" tab on the top menu. 

Lesson 5 step 1.gif

Step Two

lesson 5 step 2.gif

Once on the Jobs & Opportunities page, students can begin exploring jobs by doing the following:

  1. Type in a job title or skill in the "Keyword" search bar on the left hand side in the Filters section

  2. Select a job type

  3. *Optional: Enter a specific company if a student has one in mind

  4. Enter in a location where the student would like to search open jobs

Step Three

Students can select a job in the "Results" section to view the live job posting. 


Job postings include everything from the detailed job description, qualifications, benefits, role requirements, what the applicant would be doing, as well as relevant skills that the applicant will need to be considered. 

*Each job post includes Education Programs Related to the Opportunity. 

After review the relevant skills, if there is a gap in skills from the applicant, the programs related to the opportunity provide a quick view into education opportunities that will teach the relevant skills needed, increasing the applicants chances of success. 

Lesson 5 step 3.gif
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