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Introducing CredentialValue

A revolutionary tool from GoEducate that provides students with a transparent credential assessment and data-backed market demand score for their education.  

A Comprehensive Credential Assessment for Modern Education Decision Making

GoEducate programs are equipped with a new measurement standard to calculate the economic value of educational credentials.

CredentialValue is a groundbreaking, transparent , and fully configurable index that comprehensively benchmarks credentials based on current and future demand, existing supply from workers and the education pipeline, wages, and cost.

The index integrates and normalizes data from:

National Employment and Wage Data by Occupation and Region

Index of State and National Job Openings from Jobs Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS)

Real-time Job Openings Posted on the Web by Occupation and Region

Salaries Posted on Job Openings by Occupation and Region 

Degrees Awarded by Program of Study, Degree Level, and Region

Tuition Cost by Program of Study,

Degree Level, and Region

The Advantages of CredentialValue for Students, Educators and EDOs

GoEducate is the first organization that benchmarks and indexes data to provide a single number representing the rank of a credential and linked occupations. 

CredentialValue functions as a business intelligence tool for EDOs, with the ability to ingest and integrate large volumes of data from a variety of national economic and educational databases. It aggregates, analyzes, and indexes the data in clear, "user-friendly" dashboards to track and report in-demand jobs by industry and region, as well as education programs indexed to in-demand jobs by sector and region.

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