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Introducing CredentialValue
Revolutionizing Education and Career Success

The Tool for Our Next-Gen
Workforce has Arrived

At GoEducate, we’re dedicated to the profound empowerment of students and individuals, enabling our current and future workforce to unfold their true potential in life. We understand the prevailing uncertainties that shroud career pathways, often perpetuating confusion among learners and job seekers. With an unwavering commitment to impact our nation's future generations, we’ve undertaken the task to change this broken system, forever.

With CredentialValue™, the era of misguided and uninformed education and career decisions comes to an end, paving the way for every individual's success. Through data quantification and the assignment of a unique 'value' to credentials and careers, we provide unmatched clarity. CredentialValue™ empowers students and individuals to make intelligible education-to-career investments, while aiding employers in seamlessly discovering qualifications that meet their precise needs.

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Career Empowerment For All.

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Explore How CredentialValue™ Works

CredentialValue™ goes beyond just providing information about credentials; it focuses on their value in terms of career opportunities, earnings potential, and alignment with market demand. 


How do we achieve this? We crunch reliable data – from job supply and demand to costs to future earnings – into a single score. This score isn't just a number; it's a guiding light through the maze of educational choices, cutting through the confusion into confident decisions for all.

Score, or 'Value' given on the return of investment of a career.
The number of job postings.
Average salary earned.
Average cost to complete the program.
How many people are looking for jobs locally.
How many jobs are available in the local market.

Solving Our Nation's Education
& Employment Crisis

Confidence for


CredentialValue™ directly addresses the needs of students and job seekers by providing them with a clear understanding of the value of different credentials in the job market. It helps them make informed decisions about their education, career paths, and potential earnings.​

Comparing Notes

Assurance for Parents

& Guardians

Parents can use CredentialValue™ to guide their children's educational choices, ensuring that they invest in credentials that have a higher likelihood of leading to successful careers.


Clarity for


Colleges and universities can benefit from CredentialValue™ by aligning their programs with the demands of the job market. It allows them to optimize program sizes, allocate resources effectively, and enhance the overall educational experience for their students.​

College Students
College Campus

Empowerment for Employers

Employers can utilize CredentialValue™ to identify the best-suited credentials for specific roles, resulting in more efficient hiring processes and better alignment between the skills of job candidates and the needs of employers.​

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Energizing Regional Economic Growth

CredentialValue™ transcends individual empowerment; it possesses the potential to be an engine for economic growth and a catalyst for policy evolution. This isn't just about personal success; it's about empowering entire economies. By providing comprehensive insights into education, careers, and earnings potential, CredentialValue™ transforms how we approach the workforce. Our tool centralizes information, offers investment insights, and enhances transparency, guiding students, employers, and institutions towards informed decisions.


With CredentialValue™, we're shaping a future where industries thrive, economies flourish, and everyone benefits. Join us in fostering economic growth with CredentialValue™ and be part of the movement that's transforming the workforce and driving holistic economic success.

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Creating Bright Futures with 

"CredentialValue™ is a transformative solution that benefits both individuals and organizations. For students and job seekers, it's the guiding light to informed education and career choices, helping them realize their full potential. For employers, investors, and policy makers, it's a strategic tool to align talent pipelines, drive economic growth, and shape the future of education.


Whether you're an individual aiming for success or a company seeking the right talent, CredentialValue™ empowers you to make the right choices. Join us on this journey of empowerment and growth. 

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