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Introducing SkillOS, 

a Single, End-to-End 

Integrated Solution

One platform to manage all AI-powered skills tools, programs, job feeds, credential insights and data, and user profiles needed to connect people, programs and jobs. 


Our AI-Powered Common Skills Language
Bridges Ed Tech, Job Tech and Consumer Apps 

Connected Smart Pathways
Replace Generic Program Listings
Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 9.12.02 AM.png
Enhanced GoEducate Profiles
Replace Dated Resume Formats
PROFILE NEWAsset 5_2x.png
Interactive Smart Postings
Replace Text-based Job Ads
JOB ADAsset 6_2x.png

Opportunity Seekers
Students & Job Seekers

College Library


Opportunity Seekers can discover the careers and education they're after, while empowered by the right information to make the best decisions for their future

Mechanic Working on Motorcycle


Learn about different courses, programs and career pathways offered by a variety of education providers that are matched to employers and real job opportunities through our common skills language

priscilla-du-preez-XkKCui44iM0-unsplash (3).jpg


Opportunity Seekers can apply directly to jobs, internships and apprenticeships when skills and education needs are aligned with role requirements through GoEducate's Talent Exchange 

Education Partners
Institutions, Course & CTE Providers

Image by Brooke Cagle


Promote and attract students to programs, courses and career pathways that are directly connected to local and regional employers and jobs



One integrated solution to manage everything from

  • Course Catalogs

  • Programs and Pathways

  • Student Success Outcomes

  • Career Services

  • Employer Partners

  • Admin and Faculty Teams

  • Outreach and Events

  • Economic Data

Image by SJ Objio


Establish and manage closely-aligned partnerships with local, regional and national employers, placing students into live jobs, internships and apprenticeships through connected programs of study

Employer Partners
Local, Regional & National



Connect your organization's current and future hiring needs to career pathways and programs at community colleges, universities and certification providers, and begin to build talent pipelines locally and regionally  

Two people shaking hands


Access the Talent Exchange to view applicant and pipeline profiles, and hire students and job seekers who showcase and have earned the skills required to fill jobs, internships and apprenticeships

Chefs Discussing over Food


Increase employee retention by establishing relationships and engaging future hires earlier on in the process. Connect open job roles to careers and program pathways, and maximize outreach, and, job

and company promotion

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