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The Opportunity

Resource Center

The Opportunity Resource Center is your hub for platform tutorials, lesson modules, and general support. 

Getting Started with 
The Opportunity Marketplace

Explore our library of user tutorials and lesson modules designed to empower students and job seekers every step of the way. The step-by-step guides will help you gain the most out of the tools and set you on a path to success.

About the lesson modules and 
student and job seeker tutorials

The lesson modules and tutorials incorporate career-ready practice standards as outlined in the California Department of Education Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) 

Development of education and career plans for each grade level according to school district outcomes and chosen career pathway

Integration of new technology on the regional portal allowing for all students to create a digital resume complete with a unique QR code

Introducing students to career pathways in higher education that will allow completion of certifications and credentials started in K-12

Introducing learners to in-demand regional jobs and associated salaries as part of teaching financial independence and literacy

Employing research strategies through the GoEducate platform and technology to further help learners stay informed of current findings related to the workplace

Adapted for California and based on the "Career Ready Practices" adopted by the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC)

CCTC Information can be found HERE

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