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Module One: Tutorial Three

Career Exploration for Learners

Students will explore their own career interests and save career choices to their profile dashboard.  

Step One

Navigate to the search bar at the top of the page and type in the name of a job, career or skill that YOU might be interested in pursuing. Click on the search button to view results. 

*Note: You will also see tabs to view jobs and programs related to your search term as well. 

Lesson 2 step 1.gif

Step Two

Lesson 2 step 2.gif

After selecting the Career tile, you can begin learning more about the career that you are interested in. This includes information like:

  • Job Future Outlook

  • Project Job Openings

  • Growth Rate

  • Average Salary / Earnings (locally, regionally and nationally)

  • Education Usually Required

  • Information about what you would do

  • Skills, Abilities, Knowledge and more

Students can also view related education programs that teach relevant skills related to the career, as well as the ability to search live, open jobs to see the different companies hiring for roles related to the career. 

Step Three

Take the Career Interest Score survey. Click on the Career Interest Score button and take a short survey to read about the tasks people in that career perform on a daily basis to determine if this would be a good fit for you. If you show interest in this career, favorite it to your profile by clicking the purple heart icon next to the survey button.

*Note that the scores are captured in the user's profile to go back and view at a later time. 

Lesson three step three.gif
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