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Module Two: Tutorial Two

Exploring Regional In-demand Jobs

Students will explore the many areas of in-demand jobs that do not necessarily require a 4-year degree.    

Step One

Navigate to Careers Tab at the top of the homepage and click on the filter that says Most Openings.

chrome-capture-2023-7-28 (10).gif
chrome-capture-2023-7-28 (11).gif

Step Two

Read through all of the careers, notice that many in-demand jobs do not require a 2-year or 4-year college degree. Many of the jobs require a GED, HS diploma or certificate.

Step Three

Revisit your results of the career interest survey in your dashboard, do you see any jobs with most openings falling under the area of your career interest?

chrome-capture-2023-7-28 (13).gif
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