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Module Two: Tutorial Three

Finding Which Education Program
is Best for You.

Students will learn how to search and compare local educational programs to determine their path.

Step One

Enter your chosen career name into the main search box at the top of the home page, such as "Nurse".

Then, click view results by "Program".

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chrome-capture-2023-7-29 (2).gif

Step Two

Select a program that best represents your chosen career. On the program tile, you'll see the award or credential type and the school offering the program.  Once selected

you can read more about your selected program. 

On each program overview, GoEducate provides:

  • CredentialValue score 

  • Full program overview

  • Skills that will be learned

  • How to apply

  • Careers within that program

  • Jobs available that match the program skills

  • and More!

Step Three

Continue to scroll down to see a comparison of local educational programs that teach similar skills.

Here you can decide where, and which program you wish to apply to. 

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