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Module Two: Tutorial One

Exploring Programs and 
Academic Planning 

Students will gain a better understanding of the programs available and courses required to complete to reach their 
career goals. 

Step One

Navigate to the Programs Tab on the top of the Home page and scroll down to the career areas.


This will produce a list of educational programs in the region associated with that area.


Click on the area you are interested in pursuing.

chrome-capture-2023-7-28 (1).gif

Step Two

You can also explore this area based on

in-demand, popular, and new programs.

Once you click a program you're interested in, you can explore careers, jobs & opportunities, and the CredentialValue™ of the program.

Step Three

Explore the CredentialValue™ score of the selected program by looking at the average salary earned, average cost to complete the program, number of open jobs and more!

You can also learn which courses are needed to complete a program, and compare similar programs of interest.

chrome-capture-2023-7-28 (4).gif

chrome-capture-2023-7-28 (2).gif

Step Four

Learn more about programs being offered in your region by comparing them by their CredentialValue™ scores, award type, location, duration, and average cost to complete.

With this information, you'll be well on your way to choosing the path that's right for you!

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