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A new ecosystem redefining the education-to-workforce paradigm

GoEducate's core product, the Opportunity Portal, is a first of its kind platform designed to structure education, training, and career advancement in a seamless continuum across K-12, postsecondary, workforce, and employer systems. 

The Problem

The biggest structural barrier to increasing college completion rates and career success in the United States is the enduring and intractable disconnect between high school, higher education, and our workforce systems.

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The Solution

GoEducate erases the arbitrary dividing line between high schools, colleges, employers, state agencies, and the workforce and creates a new unified structure that equip states with the best data, tools, pathways, and support to improve education and workforce outcomes.

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Breaking down silos between high school, college and workforce systems


The Opportunity Portal platform is not a specific product but a malleable regional or state-level data infrastructure that can be adapted to uses at the local, consortia and state levels. The Opportunity Portal and its SmartPathways enable its infrastructure to be easily incorporated or integrated via API with other solutions, data schemas, and data flows. With simplified implementation, we've built the platform with “plug-and-play” approach, and with the ability to turn features on and off, or be removed.

Unlike many solutions in education and workforce, the Opportunity Portal has been developed under stringent industrial standards so that it can support learner pathways through the many point solutions across education and employment technologies. This includes student information systems (SIS) enrollment and catalog systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), customer relations management (CRM), credential systems such as blockchain and also connect via API, into labor data, O*NET, HR, commercial and social platforms. 

Through our ecosystem, educators and employers can create a pipeline of high-quality talent to fill local and regional workforce needs and build a resilient and agile workforce of the future.

Who We Are Partnering With

With students at the center, GoEducate drives change and fosters collaboration among:



Economic Development Groups









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Partner Benefits


Connect students to workforce opportunities, aligned with Program of Study

  • Create student-centered workflows that guide students throughout their education.

  • Increase enrollment success with Onboarding Pathways.

  • Get access and reach out to qualified students that are interested in your school and programs.


Find your future workforce

  • Create a company profile and showcase your company.

  • Get direct access to a pool of career-ready students.

  • Create your ideal student profile with our advanced filtering technology to find candidates that meet your qualifications.

  • Publish and manage internships, apprenticeships, and jobs.

  • Create company events and share them with students.

State Agencies

Empowering State education agencies and policymakers with real-time system knowledge

  • Easily access centralized student data for all stakeholders.

  • Track and monitor student progress across multiple levels and institutions.

  • Improve return on investment by measuring program results in real-time.

  • Justify the spend and showcase tangible results to constituents through data and metrics.

Technology Providers

Putting technology to work for inclusive growth

  • Provides greater democratization and distribution of products and services.

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