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Roseville Chamber of Commerce and GoEducate Partner in Launch of Career & Talent Navigation Solution

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

November 15, 2023

(SACRAMENTO, CA – November 6, 2023) -- GoEducate, Inc. is proud to unveil its groundbreaking cloud-based employment ecosystem, the "Sacramento Regional Opportunity Portal.” The Portal serves as a seamless solution prioritizing access for K12 students, early talent, career changers, transitioning military veterans, and the unemployed to efficiently navigate regional career pathways connected to higher education options linked to job opportunities. The innovative mobile and online platform is set to transform the education-to-employment and workforce landscape in the Capital region by empowering hiring organizations to locate qualified students and job seekers actively searching for skills training, apprenticeships, and work.

“GoEducate answers a question that our regional employers are asking," said Rana Ghadban, CEO of Roseville Chamber of Commerce. “They want to know how we can make their search for qualified talent more efficient and more focused on their hiring needs. We are proud to partner with GoEducate, which provides a web-based Ecosystem that puts all the relevant information in one place for learners and those seeking programs that specifically lead to in-demand work and careers in our region.”

Recognizing the importance of fostering relationships between local employers, educators, and the community, the Roseville Chamber of Commerce entered into its partnership with GoEducate to support its regional work with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) Academy. Ghadban sees GoEducate as the region’s solution to addressing the ongoing hiring and talent development challenges, beginning with major healthcare providers that include Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, and U.C. Davis Medical Group.

Unlike traditional job boards and career sites that primarily cater to individuals who have earned advanced degrees or are already established in their careers, GoEducate's Opportunity platform supports people wherever they are in their career journey, starting in schools or servicing those who are not sure about their path.

Joseph Yost, VP of Business Development at McCarthy Building Companies, a national company based in Sacramento, along with many other families, no longer believe that simply sending their children off to college to discover their interests is a valid strategy. This shift is due to the abundance of open and well-paying jobs that only require short-term certification but can later lead to employers who will cover their college expenses once they determine what they want to study.

“As someone who spent eight years going to multiple colleges and racking up debt to find out what I wanted to do, I wish GoEducate was around for me to research and understand educational and career pathways that align with my strengths and interests,” said Yost.

Another example is Advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a large statewide employer and leading pest control and management solutions provider in Sacramento, which is also partnering with GoEducate by offering valuable access leading to career tools and resources for candidates accessible through GoEducate. They are also interested in helping the region have access to career opportunities.

"Advanced Integrated Pest Management is committed to contributing to the local community by addressing the growing demand for pest control services while also supporting individuals who seek meaningful and fulfilling careers," said Deborah Romani, Executive Vice President at Advanced Integrated Pest Management. "We are excited to partner with GoEducate, Inc. as their innovative platform aligns perfectly with our vision to enhance the region's workforce and create new opportunities for aspiring professionals.”

Inside GoEducate’s TalentExchange™ tool, students and job seekers (sellers) can actively promote their skills and career profiles on the open Web to employers (buyers) that have partnered with GoEducate. Employers can proactively search for early and regional talent that are enrolled in job-connected programs, or that have relevant skills needed for employment. GoEducate's platform differs from other online recruiting and career navigation tools as it does not require the user to be currently enrolled in a higher education program. It is freely accessible to any student, job seeker, or community member at any time, on the Web or on mobile, at:

Eric Kmiec, CEO of GoEducate, remarks, "It's a new era in education-to-employment, one where a major, easy-to-use, and intelligent innovation is desperately needed. We have so many open jobs in the Sacramento region," explains Kmiec, who started the company out of frustration when his son and daughter were in high school. Both of them now work for the company.

Made for Learners, Jobseekers and Up-skillers

Students, jobseekers, and employers who have seen the platform in action, say that they wish this tool had existed over the last several years. At recent campus and school meetings in the Sacramento region, students have said this could change the game for them in figuring out programs leading to jobs.

“With the help of GoEducate, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, set achievable goals, and create a clear plan to achieve them,” commented Guillmer Germino, a first-generation Information Engineering Technology student. “The user-friendly platform allowed me to easily access high-quality training materials and learn independently. I am incredibly grateful for the role GoEducate has played in helping me achieve my professional and future goals.”

Perceptions are changing. Many parents no longer believe that the only option is sending their children off to college to discover their interests when there are so many open jobs only requiring certification that could lead to further education. This shift is due to the abundance of open and well-paying jobs that only require short-term certification but can later lead to employers who will cover their college expenses once they determine what they want to study.

How GoEducate's Sacramento Regional Opportunity Portal Works:

  • Facilitates Advanced Career Exploration: Empowering users’ access to a wide array of careers and relevant education paths, the portal provides personalized insights into college and training programs most likely to lead to rewarding jobs and careers.

  • Provides Data-Backed Insights: Leveraging the industry’s first credential evaluation, GoEducate offers a “return on investment” score with data-backed details and statistics that guide users' education and career choices. The platform’s unique Credential Value™ score enables students and job seekers to make better-informed decisions pursuing higher education, increasing the likelihood of program completion and career fulfillment.

  • Bridges the Gap Between Job Seekers and Employers: Providing job seekers with essential information about employers actively seeking talent and open work opportunities that include apprenticeships and internships. For employers, the platform’s TalentExchange™, which is a searchable database of users’ published career and resume profiles, enables proactive and direct talent pipeline management.

About GoEducate

GoEducate, Inc. was founded in the Sacramento area and is now an Austin, TX-based Opportunity Technology company that connects education programs, job postings including internships, apprenticeships and scholarships, and student profiles to help communities address labor market inefficiencies and shortages. GoEducate provides K12 and college students and job seekers with real-time credential and career insights, academic and training pathways, and in-demand job opportunities.

The Opportunity Marketplace™ solution is designed to accelerate talent development by improving career exploration, education-to-employment transitions, CTE, and training decision-making, leading to successful workforce outcomes.

The CredentialValue™ tool empowers students to make informed education and career decisions with confidence that it is the best investment for their future. The platform uses AI-powered skills matching to connect job seekers with open positions that align with their skills, link open jobs directly to academic programs, and provide a clear ROI and line of sight for students interested in pursuing a CTE or higher education pathway.

Contact GoEducate

Gordon Freedman | President, GoEducate


Frances Winters | Chief Learning Officer, GoEducate


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