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Module Three: Tutorial Two

Building Your Resume

Students will learn how to upload their resumes and customize their profiles by adding key information they want others to see.

Step One

Navigate to the My Profile tab on the left hand corner of your profile dashboard. 


Here you can begin to customize your profile by adding information you want others to see.

Let's start by clicking and adding documents to the Resume section.


chrome-capture-2023-8-6 (3).gif
chrome-capture-2023-8-6 (4).gif

Step Two

After you've uploaded a resume, you can click on Details About You to customize your personal information, and add a Professional summary to make your profile standout!

Step Three

An important aspect in setting up your profile is adding your Education to your profile.


Navigate to the Education tab and add your institution.


Don't worry if you haven't begun or finished school yet either. There are plenty of other areas to explore to add your skills and accomplishments!

chrome-capture-2023-8-6 (5).gif
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