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Module Three: Tutorial Four

Putting Your Skills to Work

Students explore how to add skills to their Skills Portfolio. By logging skills, users will see more clearly areas where they can grow and become better skills-matched to their next opportunity!

Step One

Navigate to the My Skills tab on your personal dashboard and explore the area of where you can input your skills.

One of the first areas we see are skills gained from education. Let's learn how to input those.


chrome-capture-2023-8-7 (1).gif

Step Two

Navigate to My Profile and click on Education. You can search and add skills you gained from your institution here.

Step Three

Navigate back to the My Skills tab on your personal dashboard. If you have any skills from programs, courses taken, or license and certifications, input them as you see fit.

The last area we see for adding skills is

My Personal Skills. This is a universal area where you can add anything you've acquired through life experiences!

Let's look at how to add those.


chrome-capture-2023-8-7 (2).gif
chrome-capture-2023-8-7 (3).gif

Step Four

Search and add any skill sets you've acquired throughout your life. You can add the amount of years of experience you have with these skills, as well as edit any existing ones you may have added!


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