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NNMC Press Release FAQ

1. What is GoEducate, what are SmartPathways?


GoEducate is a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end education and career fulfillment platform and ecosystem network that connects the dots between students and jobseekers, educational providers and employers and the open jobs they’re trying to fill. Students, K12 and adult learners are guided via SmartPathways that include higher learning courses, programs, certification and credential programs that are directly linked to local job opportunities. GoEducate’s SmartPathways system uses skills-based matching to align curriculum with job role requirements and facilitate better education-to-career outcomes.   


2. When did the NNMC and GoEducate partnership form? 


The partnership between NNMC and GoEducate originated in early 2021.


3. What can I do or where can I go on the site for the first time?


As a first-time visitor on NNMC, users (Students and Job Seekers) can explore career options and interests, create, enroll in and manage career-focused SmartPathways through connected education providers’ programs and courses, and build out a skills-based marketable profile. GoEducate provides equity access to education and career information to all students, regardless of where they are in their learning journey.  


For job seekers, the Opportunity Portal empowers users to discover the careers or jobs that they are interested in most, create a successful career plan, connect with employers, search events, and have skills-matched opportunities delivered directly to their profiles. 


As an Employer Partner, GoEducate provides an enhanced recruiting and hiring tool, with Smart Job Posts that can connect to current and future employees (students), building out a robust talent pipeline to meet hiring needs through SmartPathways. 


For institutions like Northern New Mexico College, becoming a partner with GoEducate significantly increases course and programs information accessibility, enrollment enticement for prospective students with connected SmartPathways, and better student and economic data procurement. 


4. How many programs does NNMC have in its marketplace?


At the moment, NNMC is offering 8 degree and certification programs out of the college’s business department, and include


  • BBA in Accounting

  • BBA in Management

  • BA in Project Management

  • ABA in Business Administration

  • AAS in Office Administration

  • Certificate in Administrative Assistant

  • Certificate in Microsoft Office

  • Certificate in Project Management 


NNMC and GoEducate are working together to add in the college’s remaining courses and programs, and are anticipating having a completed marketplace by Spring 2022. 


5. How many connected jobs are NNMC’s programs connected to?


At the moment, there are 12 connected job and internship opportunities offered by the Los Alamos National Laboratory available in the marketplace that are directly connected to the business programs at NNMC. 


These connected pathway-to-employment opportunities include: 


  • Spring 2022 High School Internship

  • Post Bachelors Internship Program

  • Controller Undergraduate Student

  • Finance Graduate Student

  • Finance Undergraduate Student

  • Financial Business Analyst 2

  • Financial Business Analyst 1k

  • Tax and Retirement Accountant 2

  • Controller Graduate Student SA 1

  • Accounting Assistant 4

  • Accountant 1

  • Accountant 2


GoEducate and NNMC’s portal is open to ALL local, regional and national employers through its partnership opportunities. 

6. Will there be more programs added? 


NNMC and GoEducate are working together to add in the college’s remaining courses and programs, and are anticipating having a completed marketplace by Spring 2022. 

7. How are we marketing to our user groups? 


GoEducate is coordinating marketing and promotional efforts with the college, and will include social marketing, on campus and online marketing. 


8. What Employers are currently connected? What employers will be connected next? 


Currently, The Los Alamos National Laboratory is the only employer partner that has connected job opportunities within the NNMC Opportunity Portal. Even though the portal showcases jobs from other employers and job boards, for an employer to be able to directly link their open roles to program pathways to an institution, they will need to register as a partner or be invited to participate by the institution. 


GoEducate and NNMC will be actively reaching out to local and regional employers and connecting their jobs to more program pathways once added into the marketplace. 


9. Is this free to use for everyone? 


GoEducate and NNMC’s Opportunity portal is an optional tool, and is free to use for students and job seekers.


10. Who is the intended audience? 


The intended audience, or primary beneficiaries to the portal are students at all levels and those seeking local job opportunities.


11. Will current students benefit from the NNMC Opportunity Portal?


Yes, current students at NNMC can immediately start benefiting from the platform’s array of education and career tools, as well as assess and manage the course and programs they are enrolled in with NNMC’s Career Services team. 

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