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Grow Your Own Workforce In 2023

December 15, 2022

In a recent report done by leading organizational consulting firm, Korn Ferry, the U.S. is facing a potential loss of $162 billion in revenue in tech alone, due to talent shortages by 2030.

To get ahead of the impending decline in viable talent, expanding pipeline funnels and looking locally to grow your own workforce in 2023 is imperative. How? It starts with breaking the education-workforce traffic jam that is clogging talent pipelines. In every region of the country, employers need qualified employers, colleges need to attract, maintain and place learners, and underemployed and unemployed people need to navigate the landscape of job boards, college and workforce websites and understand where the payoff is.

There is no lack of money. Municipalities, states and the federal government have billions tied up to promote regional connections between industrial sectors and training and education providers and myriads of nonprofits and other organizations trying to prepare people for college and work. Where's the breakdown? With open jobs, low cost community college programs and free high school CTE programs and ample funding, what's not working?

At a regional level, there are multiple stakeholders with similar goals, but no methodology or technology to optimize attracting and maintaining students and job seekers to actual pathways to work. There are technology solutions for different aspects of the journey from discovery to enrollment to hiring, but no end-to-end system that could be found on the open Web. Websites at multiple organizations are not the answer, even better ones.

Enter the Regional Opportunity Portal, or ROP. GoEducate, its partners and supporters are introducing the ROPs in 2023 to build out in regions where coordination, employment gaps and outcomes tracking are large issues.

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