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Education Technology Startup GoEducate Announces Move to Austin Ahead of SXSW EDU

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

March 2, 2022

AUSTIN — Education-to-employment technology startup, GoEducate, finalized its move to Austin, TX in February, centralizing its home base and operations to better service its current customers in Texas and New Mexico. The strategic shift to the company’s headquarters location will support its continued expansion to new states in all directions while maintaining close relationships with community, four-year colleges and employers.

Founded by Silicon Valley tech and U.S Air Force veteran, Eric Kmiec, in Sacramento, CA, GoEducate is a fully operational education and employment ecosystem, linking exploratory, enrollment, recruiting and talent pipeline management in a singular-process platform. Uniquely, GoEducate has successfully deployed an “end-to-end” solution that facilitates advancing from school, to training, to college and to work and, in the other direction from employers into colleges, CTE programs, and into schools.

The company and its technology are addressing the growing education and employment problems America is facing. In Texas, community colleges have seen close to a 11% drop in enrollment during the pandemic, equivalent to a loss of about 80,000 students. Nationwide, there is an unprecedented shortage of talent across all employment segments, with 10.9 million open jobs, and 6.5 million unemployed, leaving a 4.4 million deficit of positions needing to be filled. By connecting the dots between students, education and employers, GoEducate facilitates skills-based learning and job matching to actively place students and job seekers, laying the foundation needed to rebuild the broken pipelines.

GoEducate’s core product, the Opportunity Portal platform, has its first instance launched at Northern New Mexico College in Española, NM, and soon to be releasing its next instance at Odessa College (TX).

The company’s founder and CEO, Eric Kmiec, says that “We’re here to create a much higher level of efficiency by connecting the education needs in the area with hiring needs of local and regional employers. For the first time, learners across the K12 and postsecondary spectrum in New Mexico, Texas and beyond have the power to make informed decisions that will benefit their everyday lives now and in the future.”

The Opportunity Portal differentiates itself from other single or limited solution providers through its multifaceted platform, connecting the required and necessary resources and components for student-to-workforce success within a genuine single, integrated solution and network technology. Its fundamental and differentiating features include;

  • Machine Learning and AI-driven alignment between learners and jobseekers and college courses and programs with in-demand jobs

  • Customizable and employer-enhanced job postings through a skills-based architecture

  • Persistent life-long student and user profiles with data for institutions and state agencies

Timothy Johnson, GoEducate’s Chief Marketing Officer, and other key members of the team will be operating out of the company’s new location in Round Rock, just north of the state’s capitol. “The move to Austin is paramount for GoEducate’s mission to bring equity access to higher learning and job opportunities to Texas and other states, beginning with the work we are doing at Odessa College. With the influx of major employers relocating to Austin and across the state, having a strong presence right in the center is essential for developing impactful relationships with colleges and organizations as we look to revolutionize the way students explore and make education decisions, and how job seekers are connected to employment,” says Johnson.

GoEducate will be attending the upcoming SXSW EDU conference beginning March 7th, and is encouraged by the positive responses it has received from its current partners and potential new customers in Texas following the announcement of the company’s move.

For more information about GoEducate, please contact:

Timothy Johnson


Chief Marketing Officer

Mobile: 310.486.5274

About GoEducate

GoEducate is on a mission to fundamentally transform the way students, adult learners and professionals make education, training and career-focused decisions. For employers, institutions and agencies, GoEducate is addressing the division between job candidates, and specified training and education needed for employment success. The company’s unique, patent-pending technology and Opportunity Portal marketplace structure education, training and career advancement in a seamless continuum across K-12, postsecondary, workforce and employer systems.

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