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Employer Partner 
Kick-off Form

Establish an Opportunity Portal Launch Plan for Your Business's Early Talent Pipeline
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Grow Local Talent at Scale

The objective of the Kick-off form is to establish a starting point for employer partners to begin leveraging GoEducate's Opportunity Portal that accomplish specific organizational and early talent development and engagement goals. 

The proceeding questions will provoke thought around platform use objectives, current and future talent pipelines, employment opportunities (jobs, internships, apprenticeships, etc.) to connect to educational pathways, and/or publish first.

11 questions | approx. 30 min

Please enter the following below:


1. Tell us more about your company or organization:


2. What open jobs, internships, apprenticeships or other types of employment is your organization prepared to launch with? We recommend listing 5-10 initial opportunities that aim to accomplish one of the following: fill roles that require personnel on an ASAP basis, roles with high vacancy, roles with projected needs in specific departments, or opportunities that will help establish a strong talent pipeline such as High School or Undergrad internships.

3. If your organization does not currently offer internships, apprenticeships, mentorships or scholarships, would you consider creating an entry-level work experience opportunity to offer locally?


4. Does your organization currently have contracts or agreements with any local, regional or national education providers? It is important to consider connected or partner institutions that have pathways, programs or courses that match the above employment opportunities.

5. What recruiting partners, third-party services and job boards does your organization use to find, recruit and hire talent from?


6. What applicant qualifications are important to your organization, while in review and consideration for employment? Check all that apply.

7. What areas are most important to your organization when searching for talent? Check all that apply.


8. What software, apps or solutions are being used, or are you considering acquiring, to manage talent pipelines, track labor market data, applicant information, or CRM? 

9. What tools and resources are your hiring managers currently using to generate and manage talent leads?


10. What are your organization's interests and/or specific hiring needs? 

11. What should be measured for success both from the use of the GoEducate Opportunity Portal and the organization overall?

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Employer Partner Kick-off Form. This will be helpful during the Partner Onboarding and Opportunity Portal implementation call with our team. 

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