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How We Connect Early Talent to
Local Employers

Profiles to Programs to Placement

Learners and Job Seekers are Connected with Education and Workforce Opportunities

Regional Opportunity Portal
Private-labeled Instance

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Education providers, community colleges and universities can join a regional opportunity portal with a private-labeled instance, quickly ingest entire course catalogs and sequence career pathways that are connected to careers and job opportunities.

Opportunity Seeker Profile
Skills-based, Marketable & Life-long 

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Learners and job seekers can create FREE profiles, showcasing experience, education and skills. GoEducate's AI-powered connection engine matches and serves job opportunities directly to user profiles based on skills-matching percentage via our common skills language.

Program Marketplace
Explore & Enroll in Career Pathways 

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Education providers can house all of their career pathways, programs and courses in the Opportunity Marketplace, and include important information such at duration, cost, type of certification, skills learned, and connects employers and job opportunities.

Job-Connected Programs
Employers Connect Jobs to Programs 

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Within each program description, Opportunity Seekers can see exactly what the requirements for completion are, the skills they will learn, explore careers and job opportunities the program can lead to, and directly apply and enroll into the program.

Local Companies & Opportunities 
Employers Partner with Education Providers 

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Employers are empowered to partner with education providers, locally, regionally and nationally. Once connected, employer profiles are made visible to learners and job seekers in search of  current and future opportunities 

Connecting Jobs to Career Pathways 
Employers Connect Open Jobs to Programs 

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Employers can connect open job opportunities, internships, apprenticeships and careers directly to programs and career pathways at local community colleges, universities, training and course providers. 

Interactive Job Boards  
Employer Job Ads are Linked to Programs by Skills 

LANL JOBAsset 6_2x.png

Opportunity Seekers can view skills-matched jobs posted on the Opportunity Marketplace. If specific skills are missing, or upskilling is required, connected programs are served where Opportunity Seekers can directly enroll in courses where they can learn and earn needed skills to improve job placement outcomes.

Talent Exchange & Job Placement  
Match and Filter Learners and Job Seekers 

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Employer partners can search, filter and engage with prospective talent and students that are enrolled in connected career pathways, and build talent pipelines for current and future job roles through the Talent Exchange. 

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