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Education Partner 
Kick-off Form

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Connecting the dots

The objective of the Kick-off form is to establish a starting point for education providers and institutions to begin leveraging GoEducate's Opportunity Portal that accomplish specific organizational goals. 

The proceeding questions will provoke thought around which programs to launch with, what regional or national employers and organizations you'd like to reach, and what K12 schools or training centers your enrollment pipelines come from. 

8 questions | approx. 30 min

Please enter the following below:


1. What is the name of your institution, organization or company?


2. What is your GoEducate URL Instance Name Preference? This will be the URL to your institution's Opportunity Portal landing page.

For example, "" for Northern New Mexico College

Courses and Programs for SmartPathways

2. What Up-skilling/Credential or Degree Programs would you like to launch with? We recommend listing 5-10 initial programs that aim to accomplish one of the following: answer relevant regional or national economic demand, student and adult learner enrollment demand and/or dual enrollment / high school demand. 

Employers and Jobs
Programs hosted in your institution's Opportunity Portal are most effective when connected to specific jobs and/or employers. 

3. What regional and/or national Employers would you like to reach? What regional and/or national occupations would you like your successful students to be connected to? It is important to ensure that connected employers and/or occupations match the above courses and programs so that students have a clear indication of what they can expect during and after program completion. 

Regional Labor Force Skill Demand

4. What are the in-demand skills required from your students by employers or by the target occupations?

5. Do the above courses and programs provide adequate skills acquisition post completion to meet the labor force needs? Is this something currently being tracked? How is this being implemented?  

Student Enrollment Pipeline
List districts, specific schools or training centers where your institution's enrollment pipeline stems from that you would like target in the initial launch?

6. What are the top school districts, schools or training centers that funnel students into your institution and programs? This will be important when establishing connection and promotional initiatives. 

Software and Technology

7. What software, apps or solutions are being used, or are you considering acquiring, to manage students, track labor market data, student information systems, or CRM? What tools and resources are counselors currently using to help students explore their opportunities? 

Goals, Interests and Success Metrics

What are your organization's interests, needs, and what should be measured for success both from the use of GoEducate and the institution overall?


How are you measuring success? 

Thanks for submitting!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Education Partner Kick-off Form. This will be helpful during the Partner Onboarding and Opportunity Portal implementation call with our team. 

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